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Know Thy Traveler – Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi

Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi is an video editor that I met online recently. His videos are beautiful, showing you a different look of the city and the people that live there. It feels like a natural look rather than a superficial view of a city that most people capture. I’m honored to have him featured in the Know Thy Traveler series.


Follow him: OAP Multimedia on Facebook, YouTube and his website


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Prague for my birthday? Sure why not

Besides going to Jamaica once early in my life, I had never left the United States…never the less taking a trip on my own. In April 2017 I decided to learn German and was looking for people who were fluent in German on an language exchange application. That’s when I met someone from Slovakia. She’s fluent in English, German, Slovak and Czech.

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