10 Things I Learned When Traveling To Paris

When traveling to Europe, Paris is at the top of most peoples list of cities to visit but I will admit before my trip, I wasn’t sure how I would like the city. I did some research before hand but I didn’t do enough. Most people tell you about how pretty a city is but not many people explain to you the logistics of getting to certain places or what you might experience when you get there. I ran into hurdles, got lost, missed a flight but it was a great learning experience. So here is what I learned…

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My thoughts on my 15 days away

So Im officially back in America. It was a long 15 days in Europe but I had a great time. The world is a beautiful place. This trip took me out of my comfort zone by going solo but it allowed me to make new friends from all over and Im sure Ill stay in contact with.

I will say that I never felt in danger throughout the whole trip, everyone I encountered was pretty cool and helpful. My favorite places were a tie between Paris and Berlin for different reasons. Paris is absolutely beautiful no matter street you go down. Berlin was great for the party scene, the people were great and its a cool & interesting city.

Day 14 – Paris (Oct 2017)

Day 14: I went to the Arc de Triomphe and it is so amazing to see in person. I also walked to The Louvre and so many great pictures. This city is so beautiful.


Day 12 – Paris (Oct 2017)

Day 12: So I did no update yesterday because it was a travel day. Though my flight from London to Paris was about 45 min I left to get to the airport hours before and it took me forever to get from the airport to the hostel in Paris.

Anyways…Paris is gorgeous. Old architecture galore. Every corner I go by Im like what is that?! I did a 30 min to the Eiffel tower and walked to Notre Dame cathedral. My legs re tired but it was worth it.

Enjoy the pictures.


Made it to Europe!

Day 1: I made it to Paris safely. I had to take a taxi to another airport in Paris so I can catch my flight to Berlin. Waiting to board in the next hour. Some pictures from the drive here. When I get to Berlin, I’m going to a party at a night club. Let see how long I can last before passing out.