My thoughts on my 15 days away

So Im officially back in America. It was a long 15 days in Europe but I had a great time. The world is a beautiful place. This trip took me out of my comfort zone by going solo but it allowed me to make new friends from all over and Im sure Ill stay in contact with.

I will say that I never felt in danger throughout the whole trip, everyone I encountered was pretty cool and helpful. My favorite places were a tie between Paris and Berlin for different reasons. Paris is absolutely beautiful no matter street you go down. Berlin was great for the party scene, the people were great and its a cool & interesting city.

Day 11 – London – (Oct 2017)

Day 11: So today I did more touristy things in London to cap off my visit. I walked from my Hostel and along side the Thames river to get lots of pictures. After doing that I walked to the London eye to take pictures. I met some nice German guys on the London eye that were here to watch the NFL game. They said my german was good.

Im still a bit sick but I tried to do as much as I could today. Tomorrow I fly to Paris to finish my trip. I leave Paris October 7th.



Day 10 – London

Day 10: Today is going to be a low key day for me. Ive had a sore throat for the past couple days now that Im trying to remedy and Im slightly fatigued.

This morning I did do some sightseeing. I walked to the London Bridge to take pictures. I passed the London Tower as well. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 9 – London – Chelsea vs. Manchester City

Day 9: Today was a great day for me even though Chelsea didn’t win. The atmosphere was great, stadium is beautiful and had great seats.
Not everyone can say they saw a Premier League game live and Im thankful I was able to experience it.

I took tons of pictures. Enjoy.