Day 6 – Munich (May 2018)

We found this small river that has a constant wave where people surf…video included.
After that we got some traditional Bavarian brots and beer.

We had time to kill when we discovered they are having an Spring Festival which had rides but also huge beer hall tents. Most of the people were locals wearing traditional outfits. It was a great time…lots of beer…lots of laughing…great vibes.

Im heading to Hamburg early in the morning.

Enjoy the pictures!


Day 5 – Munich – Continued (May 2018)

Day 5 – So tonight I went to dinner with my new Colombian friends, Santiago, Lina and Rafa. I had Salmon and beer. After that we went out to watch Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. This is one reason I like hostels…you meet people you would have never come across before. Great time out!


Day 5 – Munich (May 2018)

Day 5 (Part 1) – Today is one of those days where I was able to really explore the city. First I went to the touristy area to find something to eat but I like eating at a restaurant where there are less people because they tend to be hidden gems. I found this authentic Indian restaurant and it was delicious. I had Indian Chicken soup and Lamb.

After that I did what I normally do in a city…I go to the tourist spot and make a right or left and keep walking straight…thats when I found all the good stuff. This city is littered with old monuments, artistic structures and statues. Absolutely amazing. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.


Day 4 – Munich (April 2018)

Day 4 – I woke up early to take an early train to Munich. It was a fast trip on a high speed rail. Munich is completely different than Berlin but Im still exploring the city. Im going to see some castles in a couple days but until then Im seeing what the city has to offer and Meeting new people. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 3 – Berlin – Continued (April 2018)

Day 3 (Continued) – I went to the Irish themed pub to watch the Arsenal vs Manchester United game and was a good time.

So tonight is my last night in Berlin. In the morning Im taking a train to Munich and will be staying in a hostel while Im there.

Berlin is a great place. People are nice, lots of good food, very multicultural, terrific night life and lots of history.


Day 3 – Berlin (April 2018)

Day 3 – Ich bin müde (I am tired) lol So last night I partied at this night club till 4 am…great time, great music. My taxi driver asked where I was from and I said Ich komme aus Amerika (I am from America) and his first reaction was “DONALD TRUMP IS THE WORST PRESIDENT!” I literally laughed out loud and agreed. He did clarify that the American people are very nice its just bad politicians…which I agree with.

Anyways today I decided to go the tourist route and see the Angel and Brandenburg Gate. I saw them on my last trip but this time the weather was beautiful…another 70+ degree day. For breakfast I had falafel and a coke.

I will say everyday I feel better about speaking German and Im being understood.

Soon I plan to go watch eine Fußball spiel (a soccer game). Arsenal vs Man United. Will keep everyone posted.


Day 2 – Berlin (April 2018)

Day 2 – Yesterday was a long day but I got lots of sleep to enjoy today. I first had breakfast around the corner at this Turkish breakfast spot and had Turkish Mocca for the first time…very different tasting.

I walked south to this local flea market which was interesting. I continued walking to Tempelhof Airport which is an old airport from the Third Reich.

After seeing the airport, I walked all the way to the Spree River which runs through the center of Berlin. Today was so beautiful…70 degrees and everyone was outside.

Kreuzberg is beautiful and very artsy. Very multicultural.


Day 1 – Continued – Berlin (April 2018)

Day 1 (Continued): So tonight I wanted to go to this party and they were playing punk rock music and wasnt feeling it. The guy hosting me for the AirBnb invited me to have a beer at this bar. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling…we talked about all types of things, where he grew up, how he feels about Trump, his life as a musician and being happy in life. You cant buy these experiences. We talked for about 2 hours as they were playing Raggae and people were dancing and having a good time.

Just a great experience.