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10 Things I Learned When Traveling To Munich

I had the opportunity to go to Munich as part of my 9 night Germany trip. Munich was my second stop and I knew only a few things about Munich from other Germans and travelers who have been there. Needless to say, I was wide open to what I may run into and what to visit while in Munich.

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Brandenburg Gate

Why Berlin should be on your shortlist

You ever have that feeling of deja vu? I swear I have it every time I tell a friend that I’m going to Berlin and their response is inevitably “Again?”…yes AGAIN. I never have a chance to really explain in detail why I love Berlin and why I keep going back to this wonderful city. First let me state that I’m biased to Germany in general. I took an interest in the German language which led for me to meet native German speakers and to eventually go to Germany. Even with me being biased, I still have great reasons why Berlin should be somewhere on your shortlist if you’re planning to go to Europe.

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Day 9 – Berlin (May 2018)

Day 9 – Last full day in Germany and I really enjoyed myself. Today I walked through the tourist area and took a panaramic picture of the Brandenburg Gate as well.

Afterwards I went back to Kreuzberg and had some Austrian Wiener Schnitzel as recommended by a friend. It was my first and it was very good.

Resting for now. Might go out tonight, we shall see. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 8 – Berlin (May 2018)

Day 8 – Best decision I made was to come back to Berlin for the last couple of nights.

So it’s official, Berlin is my favorite European City. So multicultural, it’s a young, vibrant and interesting city. I’ve never had anything bad to eat in this city either lol.

With me losing my euro cellphone, I decided to buy another one. Found a cheap one but it has new features like panaramic picture taking.

After a little sightseeing, I had Lebanese food with my roommate and then met up with my new friend Kylo and his band mates for beer. Had a great time once again. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 7 – Hamburg (May 2018)

Day 7 – I made it to Hamburg but Im honestly not feeling it here. The harbor is nice and the downtown area is nice. Reeperbahn which is where they have legalized Prostitution is super sketchy. Homeless all over the streets, druggy and drunks walking around and this was the day time.

Also I lost my cheap euro cell phone…

I decided I’m going back to Berlin to finish my last 2 nights. Berlin is always fun and interesting.


Day 6 – Munich (May 2018)

We found this small river that has a constant wave where people surf…video included.
After that we got some traditional Bavarian brots and beer.

We had time to kill when we discovered they are having an Spring Festival which had rides but also huge beer hall tents. Most of the people were locals wearing traditional outfits. It was a great time…lots of beer…lots of laughing…great vibes.

Im heading to Hamburg early in the morning.

Enjoy the pictures!


Day 5 – Munich – Continued (May 2018)

Day 5 – So tonight I went to dinner with my new Colombian friends, Santiago, Lina and Rafa. I had Salmon and beer. After that we went out to watch Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. This is one reason I like hostels…you meet people you would have never come across before. Great time out!