Day 1 – Continued – Berlin (April 2018)

Day 1 (Continued): So tonight I wanted to go to this party and they were playing punk rock music and wasnt feeling it. The guy hosting me for the AirBnb invited me to have a beer at this bar. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling…we talked about all types of things, where he grew up, how he feels about Trump, his life as a musician and being happy in life. You cant buy these experiences. We talked for about 2 hours as they were playing Raggae and people were dancing and having a good time.

Just a great experience.

Day 1 – Berlin (April 2018)

So today was a little bit of a short day in Berlin because I got in late.

Ive been trying to speak German as much as I can but literally everyone speaks english and turns it into an english conversation. My taxi driver kept switching to English but I kept replying to him in German lol.

My AirBNB guy is cool. I met him and said “Sie kennenzulernen” which means nice to meet you. He was stunned and said in german if I speak german, I replied “bischen” which means a little. I told him in German that Ive been learning for a year, he looked at me with a big face and said “WARUM?!” which means Why lol I told him I liked Rammstein and he told me how hes worked with then because hes a sound engineer.

So I walked from Kreuzberg to Alexanderplatz to take pictures since I didnt go there the last time. My feet hurt but worth it. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 4 – Berlin (Sept 2017)

Day 4: This morning I decided to wake up early and get to the Brandenburg Gate at Sunrise. I got some great pictures and was my highlight of my own sightseeing. From there I walked to Checkpoint Charlie and took lots of pictures all the way there.

After going to Checkpoint Charlie, I realized I forgot all about the famous Angel statue that is in Tiergarten Park. Saw that it was 40 minutes walking distance, I decided to walk there and it was well worth it. Halfway there it started raining a little but it didnt matter to me. That is one of the most Beautiful tatues to see in person and it is very large as well.

After going there, my AirBnb was about 35 min away walking distance so I walked all the way back and picked up some Vietnamese food on the way.

I started my journey at 7 am at the Brandenburg Gate and finally got back to my place at 1130 am. This is the most Ive ever walked round a city and it was worth it. Berlin is a great multicultural city with friendly people. The club scene is considered one of the best in the world. Id love to come back.


Day 3 – Berlin – Continued 3 – (Sept 2017)

Day 3 (Part 3): It finally stopped raining here but by time it did, the marathon was over. Since I missed the tour of the city I decided to do my own sightseeing. I wanted to try to walk from West Berlin to East Berlin. I walked for an hour and 20 minutes and made it to Mitte which is in the center of the city (Mitte translates to Middle or Center).

After my walk I stopped at another Turkish Restaurant for some chicken and fries. Tomorrow I want to try to wake up early and get to the big tourist spots.


Day 3 – Berlin – Continued 1 (Sept 2017)

Day 3 (Continued): So my plans to go on the tour have been interrupted again because it’s raining and raining a lot…my tour is an outdoor walking tour. Also in Germany most stores are closed Sundays, so finding an umbrella is a challenge.

However, my walking in the neighborhood didn’t go wasted. There are a bunch of Turkish restaurants in my neighborhood and decided to give it a try for lunch.

My impression of the city is really good. As far as language, more than half the people I ran into spoke some English, some were very fluent a couple didn’t speak any. Even if they spoke little English, people were friendly enough to figure ways out to communicate. Everyone I’ve encountered has been relatively nice and you can tell it’s a chill city.

I’m going to figure out what to do today but the meantime going to watch Law and Order in German lol


Day 3 – Berlin (Sept 2017)

Day 3: Still in Berlin and last night was really good. Went to a club in East Berlin and the music was on point all night. The Germans really let loose and I danced all night. Ich weiß, mehr tanzen, mehr schmerz (Translation: I know, more dancing, more pain). My ankle can officially only take 5 hours of dancing and it was a wrap lol.

So today I will do more Touristy stuff…I have a tour of the city at 2 pm and the Berlin Marathon is going on as well. Should be fun…more pictures to come.


Day 2 – Continued 1 – Berlin (Sept 2017)

Day 2 (Continued): So I finally got out of bed and since I missed my tour, I decided to check out the local Oktoberfest. Its not as big as in Munich but its something. After Oktoberfest I decided to check out this local Ghanain restaurant and it was delicious. It was rice with a whole Tilapia along with some African beer. I was going to do more walking around the neighborhood but it started raining.

Today I used more of the German I know. I ordered Bratwurst in German (Ich möchte ein Bratwurst), when asking for directions (diesse Straße? This street?) and of course do you speak english (Du sprechst english?).

Im back at the AirBnb seeing which party Im going to tonight…



Day 2 – Berlin (Sept 2017)

Day 2: Last night was so surreal. I went to this club last night and they were playing amazing techno and house music. All age ranges were there. I met a dude in line to get inside and he gave me my “intro to Berlin nightlife”. He was from Brazil but introduced me to other Germans. I danced till 5 am and only stopped because of my ankle hurting lol.

Now Im trying to figure out what to do today…first step is to get out of bed…