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Tourism is a huge industry throughout the world and countries across the world want people to come into their country to experience their culture and of course, spend their money. With this being said, there are airlines that are being used to entice travelers to choose their country as a possible country to visit by offering great layover programs. A layover program is essentially giving you the ability to pick an ultimate destination but mid travel you will have a layover in a different country for 24 hours or longer. This idea is to give you the opportunity to tour the country and then fly to your destination.

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My thoughts on my 15 days away

So Im officially back in America. It was a long 15 days in Europe but I had a great time. The world is a beautiful place. This trip took me out of my comfort zone by going solo but it allowed me to make new friends from all over and Im sure Ill stay in contact with.

I will say that I never felt in danger throughout the whole trip, everyone I encountered was pretty cool and helpful. My favorite places were a tie between Paris and Berlin for different reasons. Paris is absolutely beautiful no matter street you go down. Berlin was great for the party scene, the people were great and its a cool & interesting city.

Day 7 – Amsterdam (Sept 2017)

Day 7: Today was my last full day. Around noon local time, Ill be on an flight to London! Cant wait. Met some nice people at the hostel here and a generally good experience. For me Im glad I came once to experience it. The scenery is beautiful but the sex and drug appeal is a little too much.

In London I will be at the Chelsea vs Manchester City game. I will have sideline tickets so you might see me. If you want to watch for me, its on NBC Sports channel at 12:30 pm in the Eastern Time.

Another new adventure…cant wait.


Day 6 – Amsterdam – Continued 2 (Sept 2017)

I went back to the Argentinian Restaurant to watch the Champions League and Chelsea was playing. My new buddy who is my waiter was there again so we had a good chat. Tomorrow is my last day and cant wait to get to London.

After dinner I walked around the Red Light District for a bit and snapped some night time photos. Enjoy.


Day 6 – Amsterdam – Continued (Sept 2017)

Day 6 (Continued): I walked around a bit more to take some quick pictures since it’s warmer today. Then I stopped to get lunch. I had a kebab wrap with fries, dessert i had hot waffle with ice cream and whip cream.

I was aimlessly walking through the red light district and noticed a side street that I didn’t go down before. As I’m walking down I see ugly prostitutes and ahead is this tall blonde one that aggressively opens the door looking at me. I notice a bulge in the bikini and I made a quick left turn lol


Day 6 – Amsterdam (Sept 2017)

Day 6: Still in Amsterdam and decided to venture out of the city center and go into more of the residential neighborhoods and get to the iamsterdam sign for some pictures. Its actually located in the center of their big museums here. Enjoy the pictures.


Day 5 – Amsterdam – Continued (Sept 2017)

So the streets really come alive at night. It actually looks prettier at night but that also means prostitution is in full affect. In the pictures, anything with red in the window is where they are. There are a bunch of live sex shows as well.

I decided to more so eat a nice dinner at an Argentinian Restaurant while watching soccer on TV with my waiter. It was just us 2 and we talked about soccer and life. Interesting guy. The food is lamb and the desert is Bamba Argentina.


Day 5 – Amsterdam (Sept 2017)

Day 5: Auf wiedersehen Berlin, Hello Amsterdam. I took a 7 am flight to get here so Ive only been here for a short amount of time. While Berlin is clean, organized and modern…Amsterdam is the opposite lol. There are cigarrette buds everywhere, youre more likely to get hit a bicyclist than a car, the cars and trams share the same road….its like organized chaos lol The charm here appears to be the canals and the old building architecture.

My hostel is literally in the red light district, so we will see how it is here at night.