Sleepy Vienna

by adamstravels
Click Here to see all my Photos from  Vienna . Photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70.

After leaving a vibrant city like Berlin , heading to Vienna felt like the polar opposite. I wanted to come to Vienna for a couple of years because I was curious about it. From a looks standpoint, it is a beautiful city. Very clean, nice architecture and a rich history.

Walking around the city you can find well preserved buildings, public gardens are lots of restaurants.

Throughout my 3 nights in Vienna, I found myself very tired and not nearly as interested as I thought I would be. I did a lot of sleeping and resting while in Vienna as the traveling was wearing on me a little bit.

I found that Vienna is a city that looks nice to live at but as a tourist, unless you are interested in Classical music, there isn’t much that it offers. It’s not known for it’s night life and there seemed to be more of an older and family population.

I try to find a positive spin on the places I’ve been to. The one positive is that I did make a friend out of my visit that I met in an Irish themed pub.

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