Reunions in Berlin

by adamstravels
Click Here to see all my Photos from  Berlin . Photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70.

As much as I love going to experience different cultures, see different architecture and of course consume different food, my favorite has always been meeting new people who I hope become friends that I keep in contact with. I have been fortunate that I have made friends with people from different parts of the world who have different upbringings but we can find some similarities to bond us in some way.

My first night in Berlin I met up with German Brother, Kylo, for a beer and food in the Kreuzberg neighborhood like our usual. It’s always great catching up with him face to face versus text message. After meeting up with him, I headed back to my Hostel and was looking to call it a night. As I’m getting ready for bed I get a message from my friend Hamed from Iran:

To give a little history, Hamed and I actually met on Facebook originally. We kept in contact because he just moved to Budapest for a PhD scholorship and I happened to be going there for vacation. Since our meeting, we’ve been friends since. He’s a very insightful person and a great man. We were equally excited that we happen to be in the same city at the same time by coincidence because he was there for a big convention that was going on for Engineers. I quickly left my Hostel and got a taxi to his Hostel where we talked for a couple of hours. He’s one of those people where you learn something new about him or even about yourself when you have a conversation and I appreciate that about him. When I think about conflicts going on with Iran, I immediately think about him and how it might be impacting his family. It’s a small world and life has ways of putting people back in your direction.

My Iranian Brother, Hamed and I (Budapest)

The other reason for me coming back to Berlin was actually to reunite with more people. Some of you may remember my trip to Lisbon when I met 2 German women (Julia and Gianna) from a walking tour. We had a great time and had dinner together:

Julia is in the yellow and Gianna is next to me (Lisbon)

Well fortunately, we kept in contact. I asked them if they would like to meet in Berlin and they were happy to meet up again…this time they brought 2 friends, Kat from Poland and Janina from Leipzig, Germany. They arrived the 2nd day I was there and we headed to the Berlin wall, which surprisingly, I had never went to.

The gang back together at the Wall
Kat and Julia
Seems right

Later that night we were originally going to go to a club but we ended up getting street food and having some drinks at a local bar. A few turned into many and then we met some nice guys who were drinking as well, so we had drinks with them too. Lets just say the rest of the night was lots of fun and we got back to the hostel around 4 am exhausted.

The next day we all decided to meet at Mauerpark, which is known for it’s flea market and sometimes music events. All 5 of us met up again, taking in the sun. Kylo even showed up with his girlfriend. It was a pleasure meeting her for the first time as I had heard so much about her.

They look so tired…

I feel very fortunate to not only meet up with great company once again but to meet friends of theirs. I had an amazing time with them overall. I’m so glad it worked out that they had the time available to meet me in Berlin. Once again, life putting people back in my path.

So the question of why Berlin again? Ever since the first night I spent in Berlin, there was always something special about the city. Something special always happens there for me. I am grateful for the experiences there. This trip wasn’t about seeing museums or snapping pictures as the best moments involved no cameras. This trip to Berlin was ultimately about reuniting with people I consider friends. I also met new people on this trip as well (shoutout to Caroline from Quebec and Ranjii from NYC). I hope to keep in contact with them as well so maybe one day we can run into each other again.

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