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Prague for my birthday? Sure why not

by adamstravels

Besides going to Jamaica once early in my life, I had never left the United States, never the less taking a trip on my own. In April 2017 I decided to learn German and was looking for people who were fluent in German on an language exchange application. That’s when I met someone from Slovakia. She’s fluent in English, German, Slovak and Czech.

Even though I had my full European trip planned for late September 2017, we decided to meet up in Prague and she would show me around. Plus my, my birthday is August 1st, so I just went for it!


We had a great time overall. Middle of the summer is gorgeous in Prague and I highly recommend a trip out there. This is the most tourist friendly city I’ve ever been to. Restaurants and shops would have descriptions and menus in multiple languages, everyone speaks English and it’s extremely welcoming. It was a little crowded but that was to be expected. I had the best ice cream ever and all the food I had was absolutely delicious. I spent 3 nights there, a short trip but it was well worth it.

I learned a couple lessons on this trip. Traveling during the summer time is double the amount for plane tickets. Another lesson I learned was to separate your connection flights at least 3 hours.

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My flight travel was to fly into Paris and connect from there to Prague and the same back. Coming back home, my carry on was too big and they checked my bag and on top of that my flight was over 30 minutes late. When I finally got my bag and had to go to the gate on the other side of the airport, I basically had 15 minutes to get there, which of course I missed. Long story short, I had to spend over $900 for a one way ticket back to America and of course travel insurance wouldn’t cover it. All lessons learned.

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