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October Euro Trip Begins…First Stop, Berlin!

by adamstravels
Me at the Brandenburg Gate

I’ve been very fortunate in my life the past couple of years. I’ve made the right career moves, looked out for myself when I needed to and made life changing decisions to put me in the position I am now to start to travel. I say this because the beginning of my journey starts in my favorite city Berlin . A city that I’ve officially stayed at 4 times in a year. Every time I try to go somewhere else, I get drawn back in.

After my Germany trip in the Spring, I decided to do another trip in October and really wanted to hang out with Ruben, someone I met in Munich who is from Amsterdam . We planned it out and finally the time had come for us to meet again.

Our first day we did some walking around the Elbe River and had a drink as well. The whole time, it was perfect weather and perfect condition for us to sit next to the river and just take everything in.

In the evening we decided to meet up with my friend Kylo for some Turkish food and beers. During our hours of conversation, I keep reminding myself that I’m sitting here with people from 2 different backgrounds and we all commonalities. Berlin always to me feels welcoming and Kylo is another big reason as to why.

Ruben and I wrapped up the night by going to Tresor nightclub. Going to Nightclubs in Berlin is always interesting to me because it’s different than in America. Most of the clubs give you a quiz or look for particular reasons to kick you out of the line. So 2 quick tips: Always know the DJ lineup and don’t go in large groups. They want to keep these clubs with people who are actually interested in the music played there and not just randomly club hopping. Anyways, we got in and had a great time! This is where I blame Ruben for introducing drinking Vodka and soda (which becomes a running theme in my travels).

The next day (with a slight headache) we decide to walk to the normal tourist locations, Alexanderplatz, down Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Bundestag and the Angel in Tiergarten. Now that I had my new Lumix camera, I wanted to get clear pictures of these locations.

Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Victory Column

As we were walking around Ruben mentioned how he’s a huge UFC fan and wanted to watch the Connor McGregor fight but it comes on around 6 am. We decided to head back to the hostel (St. Christopher’s Inn Hostel) early, eat dinner and go to sleep early so we could wake up at 4 am. Turned out to be a great plan because everyone else thought they could stay up all night drinking to watch the fight. It’s was a mess in this basement bar, all the guys were drunk and barely lucid, the women that were there was completely passed out sleeping and the rare few were wired. However, once the last couple of fights came up, everyone started to wake up and all energy came back into them.

So the real show was actually after the fight. The same guys holding the Ireland flag were very disappointed, drunk and pissed. All of a sudden, some guy on the other side of the room, yelled “KABIB!” and it was about to go down…one dude took off his shirt, some chick jumped in front of him to separate them and then security got involved. It escalated rather quickly. No fight actually happened but it was entertaining for me lol

So after a quick 2 night adventure in Berlin, it came to the point that Ruben and I had to go our separate ways. Myself to Budapest and him to Amsterdam.

My final thoughts on this trip…I still love Berlin. I love the mixture of different cultures and German culture coming together in one city. The mixture of old and new. The music and passion of the night life. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s very unique. I feel that Ruben and I went from 2 people with a common interest of traveling to a deeper understanding of each other as people. He’s my new Dutch brother and I am sure to spend more time with him again in the future. Kylo continues to be a positive person and a great human with different life lessons and experiences. Overall, it couldn’t have gone any better and extremely happy to see them again.

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