Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Click Here to see all my Photos from Madrid. Photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70.

After a wonderful 3 nights in Barcelona , it was time to go to Madrid as the last city on my trip. I decided to take the Renfe train which was fast and comfortable. I will say, I feel very lucky that everywhere I went, the weather was really nice except for the last day in Barcelona. As soon as I made it to Madrid it rained all day and night. Being that I was only there for 2 nights, it completely killed my first night experience. What made it even worse is that the Hostel I picked (Generator Hostel) was a complete corporate styled Hostel. The best way I could describe it was feeling cold. It’s the reason I opt out of staying in Hotels and the only difference was that you shared a room. So my first night, I slept and did nothing in my Hostel.

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So my last full day came around and I could finally go see something while the weather was nice. I walked around the city by myself for a while listening to music and snapping pictures.

Plaza Mayor is an old square in Madrid where a lot of significant events occurred though out Madrid’s long history. Now it’s more of a tourist destination with restaurants but when I made it there, there was a band that was performing…I’m not sure for what occasion but it was nice to see.

After visiting Plaza Mayor, I decided to walk to Puerta del Sol and find a walking tour as I felt a little lost with the city. The tour actually brought me back to Plaza Mayor to explain in detail significant moments of it’s past, through a neighborhood with the one of the oldest restaurants and barbershops in Europe.

We eventually made our way to the Royal Palace of Madrid which looks huge from the outside. While I was there, I was lucky enough to see the changing of the guard which is more of a show for tourists.

While I was at the Palace, my phone makes a noise to let me know that a game is on…REAL MADRID! Ugh! I’m a huge Real Madrid fan and I thought I looked at their schedule when setting this trip up and didn’t see any games. If I knew, I would have been there to watch it live. Well, I wanted to watch the game and left the tour to watch it at a restaurant. After that game, there was a big game coming on for Chelsea vs. Manchester United. The best place I could find to watch the game was at an Irish Pub. Now imagine, Manchester United is winning 2-1, 95th minute…game is almost over, cross into the box, ball bounces around and finally, Ross Barkley knocks it in! I got so excited, I apparently broke my damn watch wristband!

The game is over, I’m about to leave and it is raining like crazy. I decided to stay at the pub since more games were coming on. While I was there, I happened to sit next to a really nice guy named Louie from Manchester who was there to watch the Manchester City match. We bantered on for hours talking football, comedy and some politics. I meant to take a picture with him before I left but I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity in the future.

It finally stopped raining and I wanted to meet up with a friend that I had been talking to for a while. Cindy was born in Colombia but had been living in Madrid for years and she was nice enough to meet up with me with her friends. We went to a bar to get some drinks, played some drinking games (which will be the last time I sing outloud a Spanish song lol) and afterwards we headed to a Karaoke bar. What made it extra intriguing was that everyone spoke different levels of English, so there was a lot of translating and me using my high school Spanish.

After making it to the Karaoke bar and having another Vodka infused drink, I was ready to do the unthinkable…I was going to sing. I finally picked the perfect song, Lil Jon – Get Low. Unfortunately, by time I picked something, there was a huge line of requests and everyone wanted to leave (sparing my inevitable embarrassment).

My Final Thoughts – 2 nights was not enough in Madrid but it was nice to experience some of the city. It was great having a genuine conversation with another football fan (so hard to find in America) and Louie is a great guy as well. I am also very appreciative of how generous Cindy and her friends were with me. I hope to in the future visit Madrid again and hopefully see Real Madrid play. Madrid was a nice place to finish off my 16 night trip throughout Europe. If you’re considering going to Madrid, I say definitely go.

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