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Know Thy Traveler is an initiative to show the different perspectives of travelers from different genders, economic backgrounds and nationalities. I posed questions to all of them to gain an understanding of where they are from and how traveling has affected their lives.


Digvijay Chauhan

Digvijay Chauhan – Our first feature is from someone I found online that is showing an inspirational message that traveling and seeing the world is healing. His videos are well made and his Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of nature and the people he has encountered. I posed a series of questions for him to gain his perspective on traveling and the affect on his life


Facebook – 2 Minute Escape

Instagram – escapewithjayy




Nikki Lee



Nikki Lee – Our second feature is Nikki Lee. I came across Nikki from one of the black travel groups on Facebook as she had posted one of her YouTube Vlog’s. Her videos are well put together, detailed and she gives a lot of details for anyone aspiring to travel to the destinations. Her interest to go to multiple continents and experience different cultures is a breath of fresh air.


Blog –

YouTube – lovenikkilee

Instagram – @lovenikkilee






Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi


Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi is an video editor that I met online recently. His videos are beautiful, showing you a different look of the city and the people that live there. It feels like a natural look rather than a superficial view of a city that most people capture. I’m honored to have him featured in the Know Thy Traveler series.


Website –

Facebook – OAP Multimedia

YouTube – Octavian Alexandru Pitigoi



Marina Strasser

Marina Strasser is an Austrian born World Traveler. I came across her blog where she took the approach of interviewing people from all over the world and asking them in depth questions about their life, their home country and Stereotypes that people hold about their homeland. I find her style to be interesting and glad to feature her.


Website – The World in bits and pieces

Facebook – The World in bits and pieces

Instagram – The World in bits and pieces










Nathalie Segelborg

Nathalie Segelborg is a Swedish blogger that I came across and I especially like how she has a correlation between traveling and mental health which I strongly believe in. I’m glad to have her apart of the Know Thy Traveler series and to hear her perspectives.


Website – A Piece Of My Pie

Facebook – A Piece Of My Pie

Instagram – A Piece Of My Pie

Pinterest – A Piece Of My Pie

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