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Know Thy Traveler – Katerina

by adamstravels

Katerina is an Latvian-born Travel Blogger who is currently living in Greece. I came across her blog while on Facebook and enjoyed her article talking about her experience in Lisbon. It’s my pleasure to have her involved in the Know Thy Traveler series.

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What is your name?


Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

Born in Riga, raised in Ukraine, and now live in Greece for 10 years, which I consider my homeland

What do you do for a living?

Currently work in travel agency in Athens

What countries have you traveled to and which was your favorite?

Oh, it is difficult to list them all…mostly within Europe…for example, I can mention which ones I visited in 2018 since they are fresh in my head.  I travelled to Poland, Italy, Sicily, a few small islands here in Greece during the summer (Spetses, Agistri, Poros) then to Portugal, and Ended the year in Cyprus

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Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone and why?

I like traveling both alone and with friends … but more often with my boyfriend, since he is also a blogger/vlogger at Dpapa’s Living a Flip Flop Life!…and we are the perfect travel power couple!

How would you describe your life before you started traveling?

I’ve started travelling very early, first with my parents, then with my friends! So, basically, i’ve been travelling my whole life.

How has traveling changed your life?

I just can’t imagine my life without travelling, it makes my life more exciting, you get to see different cultures, experience different customs, and lots of different food varieties. History is also something that I learn , from each country I visit. Just fascinating to me…and I tend to be happier when I travel.

What is your favorite aspect of travelling?

To feel new emotions, learn new things, meet new people and to share my passion and experiences through my Travel Blog… Limitless Travelling with K!

Where is your next destination?

I am still looking for my next destination, but, for now we are leaning towards Bulgaria, for Ski and Snowboarding!   Can’t wait to post that experience , as this will be my first time Snowbording!

Have there been any moments while traveling when you felt in danger or uncomfortable? How did you get away from it?

A long time ago, my best friend and I were in Egypt and went into one store with clothes. When we were ready to leave it the owner closed the doors and said that we should pay for the fitting. We were very scared, but, as soon as we paid, he let us go. This was the last time we went outside of the hotel.

What pre-cautions do you take for the safety of your property and yourself?

Before the trip, I always study areas where it is safer and best to stay, and of course while travelling alone, trying not to walking through the dark alleys in the evenings.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a frequent traveler?

Never set any limits, either monetary or temporary. Not enough free time for long holidays? Choose Week End tours.  Not enough cash? Many budget flights and accommodation are now available, and you can eat in any cafe at affordable prices. You don’t have company? Don’t worry! Solo traveling is safe and popular now, and also…you have great chance to meet new people! It’s like my Blog’s Motto: Inspiration to travel without limits!

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love it ! nice post 🙂

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