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Know Thy Traveler – Jessica Almeida

by adamstravels

Jessica Almeida is an Canadian blogger/vlogger that I found through an Article talking about her experience moving abroad for an internship. I appreciated as a reader how honest she was with her experience and it gave an insight as to what it’s really like to move to another country and possible hurdles they may experience. I’m proud to have her involved in the Know Thy Traveler series.


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What is your name?


Where are you from and where do you currently reside?
I am from Canada and I reside in Ontario, Canada.


London, England

What do you do for a living?
Currently, I am a freelance writer.


What countries have you traveled to and which was your favorite?

I have traveled to American, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Japan, South Korea and Canada. Honestly, I couldn’t pick just one country as my favourite. I love all the countries I’ve been to. Each for their own reason.


Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone and why?
I prefer to travel with someone because I like to have someone with me to enjoy the adventure together.


How would you describe your life before you started traveling?
I went on my first trip when I was 2, so I’ve been travelling basically my whole life. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I started to travel on my own and truly realize the greatness of travelling. My
life before I started travelling alone I was very curious about other countries and always hoped I could one day visit them.


How has traveling changed your life?
Travelling has given me another perspective on life. It made me realize that my life is not meant to be lived in one place and that there are many places out there just waiting to be explored.



What is your favorite aspect of traveling?
Exploring new places and learning about different cultures that are different than mine. I also like experiencing life in different parts of the world.


Where is your next destination?
I am going to Dominican Republic.


Have there been any moments while traveling when you felt in danger or uncomfortable? How did you get away from it?

I am the type of traveler that always does my research about a place before visiting. So I tend to stay away from the places that others have deemed unsafe. However, I have been in a few taxis where I felt very uncomfortable with questions that I was being asked. I just refused to answer them and asked to leave the taxi.


What pre-cautions do you take for the safety of your property and yourself?

I am a very paranoid traveler. I always make sure that I am aware of my surroundings. When it comes to my belongings I always make sure they are on me at all times or kept in a safe place.


What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a frequent traveler?

Just go for it! I always tell people that it’s better to try something once then not do it and regret it forever. Not only will you learn a lot about the place you are visiting, but you will also learn a lot
about yourself.



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