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It’s been over a year of traveling and my experiences have been life changing for me. I’ve met so many people and I told myself that I’ll do my best to keep those relationships no matter where they may be from. While I was in Munich, one of the cool people I met was a guy named Ruben from Amsterdam. He mentioned he never went to Berlin so when I proposed the idea of partying in Berlin for the weekend, he was game.

Of course while I’m in Europe, I want to see other places. I recently found out that I had more time off I can use this year…so I decided to do another 16 night bounce around Europe like I did last year.

So here is the game plan:

2 Nights in Berlin, Germany

3 Nights in Budapest, Hungary

3 Nights in Lisbon, Portugal

3 Nights in Porto, Portugal

3 Nights in Barcelona, Spain

2 Nights in Madrid, Spain



I will be flying on October 4th into Paris to transfer to Berlin. I will be leaving on October 21st from Madrid back to America.

Costs: After careful shopping for flights, my flights into and out of America total to (with Protection Plans) about $800. I will be staying in Hostels in every city except for Porto. In Porto I got an AirBNB for $150 for 3 nights. The hostels range in price as high as $50 a night and lowest of $18 a night which has really brought down my cost. I will be flying from country to country but while in Portugal and in Spain, I will be taking the train between the cities. The flights between the countries are very cheap, for 3 flights I spent about $255. My total room and board is $550.


So for 16 nights in Europe, I’m spending about $1600 which is a bargain price. Stay tuned for more updates.

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