So it has come for me to go back to America. This experience has been great in so many ways. Meeting people of different cultures who are like minded, interesting, kind and overall good people. I’ve had people welcome me into their lives and I will never forget it.

What have I learned about Germany? Germany is a small country but it is completely different depending on where you live. You can go 100 miles away into a different state and they speak differently and have different cultural norms. In General, everyone I encountered was very nice. I had random conversations with people I’ll never see again…I remember talking to an old woman who was going to Berlin waiting for the train and we’re just small talking about the weather and where we come from…all in German!

I appreciate more than anything the human connection. The old buildings and food are nice…yes…but it’s the human connection that I will never forget. I will do my best to keep in contact with the many people I’ve met and who knows, maybe I will see them all again in the future.

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