Fourth Stop, Porto

by adamstravels
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Click Here to see all my Photos from Porto. Photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70.


After 4 wonderful nights in Lisbon, it was time to move on to Porto which is in the North of Portugal. I decided to take CP (Comboios de Portugal) train line from Lisbon to Porto. The train ride was about 3 hours which was comfortable and went by quickly. During my extended trips, I mostly stay in Hostels but mid-trip I like to book an AirBNB so I can have some privacy and to wash my clothes without paying for it. I got to Porto slightly early so my AirBNB wasn’t ready for a couple of hours so I walked around for a bit taking pictures. Thankfully, the place I was staying at was only a block away from the river.




After the place was ready for me to enter, that was when reality hit with how exhausted I was. Lisbon was a lot of fun but it was very tiring for me going through the hills and walking all day. So basically, the rest of the day I slept. Well actually, I knocked the hell out and couldn’t get up.


The next day the weather was a bit hit and miss. I had been fortunate that majority of my trip, the weather was perfect. In the morning, it was raining for a bit but eventually slowed down enough for me to venture off and take pictures of the city.



After walking around by myself for a while I decided to look for a walking tour. While on the tour I ran into a couple of very nice Austrians (sisters) who were here on vacation as well. I tried my best to speak German to them as often as I could and understand them when they spoke. I did notice how they spoke was different than Germans so it took some getting used to their pronunciation. After the tour we decided to grab lunch together and continue our conversations. As much as I planned my stay in Porto to be alone, I will admit it was nice to talk to someone face to face.



After Lunch they headed back to their hostel but were unable to meet up again as one of them got sick. No worries, I took the opportunity to walk around the city listening to music and snap pictures. I walked along the river and then crossed over the bridge into Vila Nova de Gaia to take pictures of Porto’s scenery.



Later that night, I went out for some night time photos…



While I was out having dinner I was watching the news on their television and apparently there was a hurricane coming to hit Portugal. Thankfully, it wouldn’t impact Porto with any real worries but the result of this would be that the next day it literally rained all day. My last day in Porto was literally a wash. I basically stayed in my AirBNB all day as and relaxed which was a little boring but it was nice to not do anything on my vacation for a day. Sometimes you get so involved with doing something every day that you don’t get a chance to sit back and relax. One thing that was kind of interesting though, at one point it stopped raining and I went to the river where I saw a Police boat take a wrapped up dead body out and give it to an ambulance…so…something you don’t see everyday (no, I didn’t take a picture).



My final thoughts: While Porto isn’t this massive exciting European city, it matched what I actually needed…relaxation. It is a smaller city than Lisbon, less people, less hills and less to do but it still has it’s own charm and beauty to it. There are also a lot of authentic Portuguese restaurants that are easy to find. If you are going to be in Portugal anyways, I would advise spending a couple of days in Porto however, if you only have time to see one city, I would chose Lisbon over Porto.



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