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Forever Friendships in Amsterdam

by adamstravels

As the last stop on my trip, it was the one I looked forward to the most for multiple reasons. This would be the second time in Amsterdam and if I’m honest, my first stop in Amsterdam wasn’t all that great. I didn’t feel like I really experienced the city, I didn’t know where to go or what to see except for the Red Light District. This time around I knew someone that is a local to the city and willing to show me around.

This visit was a little different than the others. It had more significance to me personally. This marked a 1 year of friendship between myself and Ruben. A little back story, Ruben and I met in Munich in 2018. We were hostel-mates and my first impressions of him was that he seemed like an intelligent and nice person. We exchanged information and met up again in Berlin . The Berlin trip was great because it allowed for us to really get to know each other and see what we are about. We partied together, almost witnessed a bar brawl and of course did some sightseeing.

During the Berlin trip I learned about how he met a woman from Slovenia and it was a budding new and exciting relationship. Fast forward, they are living together in Amsterdam. I couldn’t wait to meet her as I heard nothing but great things about her.

Another significance would be that I would meet my friend Joy in person for the first time. Joy and I met online since she started blogging and from there she became almost like a distant sister. She yells at me and calls me names like I’m her brother. She can be annoying like a sister but it’s all love.

All 4 of us met up and it was great to see how much we all mesh together. The moment Joy met me, she started yelling and laughing at me (which is the theme of our relationship lol). Arijana was even cooler than I thought she would be. Extremely down to earth, fun and intelligent.

The coolest couple

The second night I was there we all had dinner together at Sea Palace which is like a floating restaurant. The decor was really cool and the food was delicious in my opinion. I had the thought while at dinner that a year ago we didn’t even know each other existed and now we are all friends and genuinely like each other.

Dinner at Sea Palace

On my last day met up for lunch of a local spot recommended by Ruben and then we walked around Vondelpark which was nearby. We happened to be there during Tulip season and it was definitely a beautiful sight to see.

My Final Thoughts: Out of all the places and moments during my travels, I think about these 3 nights the most. I personally can’t imagine not being in their lives. When I was younger I moved a lot and keeping friends was tough because of this. I feel now in my mid 30’s that it’s even more important for me to hold on to true friendships. They mean a lot more to me now.

Joy is like my little sister at this point. We talk all the time and I try my best to be a good big brother and make sure she is good even when things around her may not be.

Arijana is that friend who keeps it real with you and does it with a smile. She gave me some advice while I was in Amsterdam and I eventually took it when I got back home.

Ruben is my brother from another mother. It’s difficult to put into words how much his friendship has meant to me. We genuinely care about each others happiness and want the best for each other. My friendship with Ruben is the example of why it’s important to not close yourself off the world and to be open to new experiences and people because sometimes it might surprise you. We are from 2 completely different backgrounds yet we found ways to connect with each other. I appreciate him very much.

I hope to see all 3 of them again in the near future as I’m coming back to Europe soon.

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