Fifth Stop, Barcelona!

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Click Here to see all my Photos from Barcelona . Photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-70.

One of the employees of Fabrizzio’s Petit, Jessica

After 3 nights in Porto, I caught a short flight to Barcelona. I felt pretty rested so I was ready to take on my next 3 nights in Barcelona. By time I landed and got settled in my hostel it was the late afternoon so I decided to see what activities my hostel offered, find dinner and meet new people. The hostel I chose to stay at was Fabrizzio’s Petit and I have to say, out of all the hostels I’ve stayed at so far in Europe, this was my favorite. From the first moment of walking through, the staff was incredibly welcoming. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The first night was Sangria night and most of the people in the hostel met up for drinks and conversation. It felt like the united nations with all the people from different parts of the world. After having Sangria at the hostel, some of us went to a local bar to have more drinks and hang out. Overall, it was a great time and I met a lot of like minded people.

The next morning was the time for me to really see the city. I decided to walk to alone to a couple of key areas, La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo, which were both designed by Gaudi.

Casa Battlo
La Sagrada Familia

Once again, thanks to I was able to setup a walking tour with a local to show me the city from a different perspective. This was when I met the fascinating Niya. Niya is originally from Bulgaria but like many others, came to Barcelona and fell in love. The tour ended up being just me and her so we were able to talk about the city and get to know each other from a more personal level which was great. We started our tour at the Arc de Triomf and headed to different parts of the city where you noticed there were less tourists.

Arc de Triomf
Ciutadella Park
The ruins at Museum of the History of Barcelona

The highlights were definitely when we had some tapas at a small restaurant and seeing this cool graffiti art where we took a picture together. She describes the city with such passion and you can understand why she loves living there. If you are going to Barcelona, please reserve your tour with Niya through She’s a great tour guide and an even better person.

Myself and Niya
Suzie and Gabi

After a day of seeing the city, that evening at the hostel they were serving food for everyone. That was when I was able to really talk to 2 German women, Suzie and Gabi. They are co-workers and friends who decided to take a short holiday to Barcelona. They were very welcoming to me and because their English wasn’t the strongest, it allowed for me to struggle through German and really try to express myself in German which isn’t something I’m used to doing. In a short period of time and in a different language, I was able to understand what it’s like for them living in the Southern part of Germany, being mothers among many other conversational points we had for the few hours we sat together eating and drinking wine that they offered me. Unfortunately that was their last night that they were there but I was able to take one last good bye picture with them. Ich liebe Deutsche leute, Sie sind sehr schöne.

My final full day has come and I realized that I haven’t really walked around the Gothic Quarter. I walked there by myself and decided to find a walking tour because I had no idea where I should really go in that area.

Myself and Katie

During my walking tour I met a very nice and intelligent Australian, Katie. She was in Europe for a couple months before starting a new job back in Australia, so being that we were both alone we kept each other company during the walking tour. Unfortunately half of the tour it was raining but it was nice to talk to someone while hiding for cover. When I meet people, I like to gauge if they like talking about politics and she explicitly said “I love talking about Politics” and we carried on our conversation to even after the tour during lunch about how conservative America is in comparison to Australia and stereotypes about Americans and Australians. I did find out that no one in Australia drinks Fosters…you learn something new everyday. We parted ways after lunch but it was great spending time with her.

That evening was Sangria night again at the hostel and I met even more people. Since it was my last night, I exchange information with all the people I met there and made great conversations with everyone there for hours. It’s so interesting to me listening to people switch between 3 languages while having a conversation so we all understand what we are talking about.

The next morning was time for me to checkout and I gave hugs goodbye not only to the some of the people that were staying there but even to the staff that was there that I got to know. They made it so comfortable there that I really didn’t want to leave but I had to go to Madrid . I will miss the balcony view…

My Final Thoughts: I had a great time in Barcelona. Yes, the city is nice and I can completely understand why people like traveling here and living here. My time in Barcelona will be associated with so many people that I met, whether it was a few short conversations or hours of getting to know each other. I met so many wonderful and open-minded people that it’s hard to list them all in one post…for example I met a dope Argentinian woman who used to work at Disney World in Florida as a Suited Disney Character (I had so many questions for her lol) and 2 Ukranian Flight Attendants who were extremely nice. My time at the hostel was amazing. The staff were excellent and I hope to go back to Barcelona again and stay there again.

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