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Euro Trip Booked! 5 Countries, 16 nights for under $1500

by adamstravels

I typically don’t post about my trips until everything is officially booked. There are times I change my mind on days, cities or even countries. I will be spending 16 nights in Europe, some cities I have been to before but I am meeting people that I’ve befriended from previous trips. I leave from Newark, NJ at 12:30 am March 29th 2019. Here are the cities I’m going to in Order:

4 Nights in Barcelona, Spain

3 Nights in Istanbul , Turkey (First Time)

3 Nights in Berlin , Germany

3 Nights in Vienna , Austria (First Time)

3 Nights in Amsterdam , Netherlands

This will be the first time I am not traveling solo. I am going with a friend from California, so we are meeting in Newark, NJ and then flying out together to all the countries.

As far as the cost, yes…flights and rooms are for under $1500. No, this is not a package. I book everything myself and just research where I’m going to stay. In Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam we will be sleeping in Hostels which dramatically drops the cost. Istanbul and Vienna we will be staying in an AirBNB (which we are splitting the cost). Hostel and AirBNB cost for each of us is $566

For flights, to Europe and back, we are flying Norwegian Airlines which is more of a discounted airline but to keep costs low, we are only bringing a carry-on and a bookbag for the entire trip. From Barcelona to Istanbul we are utilizing Turkish Airline’s layover program where you can customize how long you want to layover in Istanbul before you head to your next destination. We chose to layover in Istanbul for 3 nights and connect to our flight to Berlin. From Berlin to Vienna and Vienna to Amsterdam, we are taking Austrian Airlines. The Total flight cost is $879. If you add up everything, it’s $1445.

The major event that I will be attending is a soccer match while in Barcelona. I will be seeing Barcelona vs Espanyol in the Camp Nou Stadium! While I am a Real Madrid fan, I do like some of Barcelona’s players and want to enjoy the experience of going to this stadium. The tickets were $127 each.

While I am abroad, I will be posting pictures on Instagram and my Facebook Like Page. When I come back home, I will share my experience via the Blog. Stay Tuned for my next adventure.

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Imani February 11, 2019 - 8:41 am

Wow That seems like one hell of a deal thanks so much for sharing. I always thought traveling would cost way more than that!


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