It’s official…booked 16 nights in Europe!

It’s been over a year of traveling and my experiences have been life changing for me. I’ve met so many people and I told myself that I’ll do my best to keep those relationships no matter where they may be from. While I was in Munich, one of the cool people I met was a guy named Ruben from Amsterdam. He mentioned he never went to Berlin so when I proposed the idea of partying in Berlin for the weekend, he was game.

Of course while I’m in Europe, I want to see other places. I recently found out that I had more time off I can use this year…so I decided to do another 16 night bounce around Europe like I did last year.

So here is the game plan:

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9 nights, 3 cities in Germany

Some of you know that I’ve been learning German since last year and I went to Berlin in September which was a great experience. I decided to go back to Germany but this time do a full Germany trip. I will be flying to Berlin and also going to Munich and Hamburg…9 nights, 3 nights each city.

It’s official, bought the flights…round trip to Berlin under $600. I will be leaving April 26th and returning May 6th.

This will be a solo trip…meeting friends in Berlin and hoping to meet new people along the way.

Ich kann nicht warten! (I can not wait!)