Tomorrow I fly out of Newark Airport for my 16 night Euro Trip. I’m going to 4 countries and 6 cities ( Berlin , Budapest, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona and Madrid ). I decided to share what I have packed for this trip.


1 Backup Phone – Motorola Moto G – I carry a backup now because when I was last in Germany, I lost my Euro phone and had to purchase this phone for $100 that I wasn’t expecting. My regular phone accepts 2 SIM cards so I only need to actively use one phone and I have this phone as a backup.


2 Battery Backups – The smaller Ravpower I’ve had for over a year and has been great but now I will have more devices than I have had in the past which is why I bought a second unit that has way more battery capacity. Link to Amazon Product Page


New Travel Laptop Backpack – In the past I carried a small hiking backpack but this will be my first trip with a laptop. This back is specifically designed to carry and secure in a laptop. Link to Amazon Product Page


Wireless Headphones

2 wired earbuds

Lumix Camera


TSA Approved Travel Liquid Containers – In the past, I would just buy what I wanted in the countries but it’s often difficult to find exactly what you want and need. I decided to purchase this travel pack which I should have no issues with going through TSA. Link to Amazon Product Page


As far as clothes, it appears that it’s going to be warm in most of the cities so I have mostly short sleeve shirts and a couple of long sleeve shirts. I always bring a scarf in case I walk around and it becomes cold. I print out my itinerary, reservations and train/plane tickets. I will just have a backpack and a carry on bag to avoid fees and ease of movement. My flight is at 6:30 PM tomorrow, so I leave for the airport straight after work. I am flying to Paris to change to another plane to Berlin. Next post will be when I’m in Europe! Stay tuned!



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