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10 Things I Learned When Traveling To Munich

by adamstravels

I had the opportunity to go to Munich as part of my 9 night Germany trip. Munich was my second stop and I knew only a few things about Munich from other Germans and travelers who have been there. Needless to say, I was wide open to what I may run into and what to visit while in Munich.


First let me say, I had a great time in Munich and I would recommend anyone to go to Munich and experience it themselves. I found the Old City to be interesting and well preserved. It is tourist friendly and the locals were friendly to myself and other travelers I was with.


DB Bahn to Munich

1. Lots of Hostels around the main Train Station (der Hauptbahnhof)

I took the train from Berlin to Munich through DB Bahn and was pleased to see that my hostel was literally across the street from the train station. Not only my hostel but there are a number of them on the same street. They are great options to stay as it’s very close to the Old City and other tourist attractions in the center of the city.


2. Munich is very wealthy

It becomes very obvious as to how much wealth is in the city of Munich. You will see an abundance of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Range Rovers, Mercedes and the list goes on. If you are shopping for an AirBNB within the center of Munich, you will see that your budget will be much higher than other German cities. It’s clearly a Posh city but there is nothing wrong with that. As a traveler though, I didn’t feel the cost impact of the wealthy city.


3. There are beggers

With any wealthy city, there becomes an issue with people begging for money. I noticed that they are typically close to the main trainstation, so just be aware that you may get asked for money by the homeless or disabled.


Angel of Peace, Munich, Germany

4. Munich has an Golden Angel too

One of my favorite monuments in Berlin is the Golden Angel in the middle of the Tiergarten, so you can imagine my surprise to see a beautiful Golden Angel in Munich. I found out it is called the Angel of Peace (Friedensengel). For Directions Click Here.


5. The Hofbräuhaus experience was overrated

Everyone that you talk to says go here to eat, like it’s one of those things you have to experience. I will say that it felt like when you go to Disney and Mickey Mouse walks out to greet you and your water is wearing nothing but Disney logo’d clothing with tasteless pins. That’s what it reminded me of. Everyone is wearing traditional Bavarian clothing, they are playing a bit of the top German music, multiple souvenir stands…it just felt like a show, like “This is what tourists want to see”. Simply stated, it felt inauthentic. Every waiter and waitress looked completely stressed out and we ultimately left without even eating after we weren’t even seen by anyone for 15 minutes.


6. Everything you want to see is in walking distance

All of the big tourist spots are all in walking distance, so there is no real need to take the train or tram unless you really want to. This helps to keep your costs down as well, which was definitely beneficial.


Lunch at Garam Masala in Munich

7. I had the best Indian food

It sounds weird to say but I had the best Indian food while in Germany. I randomly wanted to have food in a restaurant that wasn’t packed with tourists and off the “beat and path”. I ran into this Indian Restaurant called Garam Masala. Normally I’m not one for spicy foods but the food I had was just spicy enough and not overpowering. Everything was delicious and because there was one other couple in there, they were very attentive to me and making sure I was satisfied. If you’re stopping into Munich, definitely check them out.


For Directions Click Here





8. They found a way to surf in the middle of Munich

There is a smaller river spot that has a natural wave that occurs that many people come to surf and it’s interesting to watch. For more information Click Here



9. The beer tents was a fun experience (outside of Octoberfest)

I was lucky enough to go to Munich during the spring time and not during Octoberfest where it is flooded with millions of tourists that get drunk and throw up everywhere. The beer tents were nice, happy and good casual beer drinking.



10. The locals really do wear the traditional Bavarian clothing

During the time I was in Munich, the locals were celebrating with a Spring Festival. While in the tents, you could see lots of young people and families all wearing their traditional Bavarian clothing and just having a good time. They were all very nice and welcoming.


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