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10 Things I Learned When Traveling To Budapest

by adamstravels

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1. There are 2 sides of Budapest

Like most cities I visit, I try to go without learning too much about the city so I can absorb when I get there. I learned that the Danube River separates the city into 2 parts, the Buda side and the Pest side.


2. There are 8 bridges that connect the Buda and the Pest side

Ok, so I had to look up how many bridges there are but you notice quickly that there are a lot of bridges and they are all a little different. The designs are interesting and they are well kept. The bridges closer to the tourist areas have a police presence, especially when I was there since the Turkish prime minister was in the city that day.

3. The Parliament building is an Amazing structure

The best view of the Parliament building is if you hike up to the Buda Castle. You’ll get great views of the Gothic-Styled structure.

4. Lots of Middle Eastern food

One of the first things I did after arriving in Budapest was meet up with my friend Hamed and he took me to a Middle Eastern restaurant. I stopped at a few Middle Eastern restaurants while I was there and even hit up a Turkish stand after a night out in the club, the food is always delicious to me. Check out Star Kebbab and Grill.

5. Everything is super cheap!

I was there for 2 nights and I went to the ATM one time and took out the equivalent of $30 USD but in Hungarion Forint. 1 USD is about 280 Hungarian Forint. Lets just say that by time I was done in Budapest, I gave my Taxi driver all my left over change as a big tip for dealing with the crazy traffic. So basically, your money will go a long way there since they have a weaker currency.

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6. The views at night by the Danube River are Gorgeous

The center of the city lights up but especially when you go to the River area close to the Palace. I was there for a couple of hours walking around and snapping pictures.

7. However, walking by the Danube River at night is a little sketchy

As much as I enjoyed the views and taking in the city at night, it did have a little bit of sketchy moments. You will see some homeless people especially closer to the bridges and while walking I was randomly offered sex by a prostitute.

8. If you’re a tourist out at night, you will probably get offered drugs (a lot)

My hostel roommates and I were constantly asked if we wanted weed or coke. No one was aggressive but it was just funny to us how frequent it happened. In 5 blocks of walking, we were asked at least 3 times. One guy was in a taxi driving by, stuck his head out and asked “Weed? Coke?” lol

9. The Club Scene is Odd

My hostel roommates and I decided to go out to a club called “Instant”. It was considered “One of the best clubs in Budapest”. Granted my opinion is based on this one night club experience but it was still odd. First, there is no door policy. No one stopped us, no one checks ID, no one balances the amount of men and women. By time 2 am came, it was a 3 men to 1 woman ratio in there, which is odd.

Next, the music they were playing was awful. If they were playing hip hop, they were playing hip hop from 2000 to 2003. If they were playing house music, they were playing house mix tracks. I swear they were playing Barbie Girl House Mix on the main floor.

Next, the people who were there were odd and had odd fashion choices. Granted, some of these people may have been tourists but I saw 3 different men wearing Hawaiian shirts and (I swear) I saw a guy with a fur coat on in the club.

So the perfect word to describe that night was “Odd”. However, I’m glad I experienced it. I makes me laugh when I think about it.

10. Ruin bars are definitely different

Before this trip, I had never heard of Ruin Bars. To describe, they are basically bars that have all types of different furniture, it looks chaotic inside, nothing is organized, things are multi-colored, kind of dirty (especially the bathrooms) but it’s purposely like this. You go there and get good cheap drinks and literally lounge around all night. They are open pretty late and they are great to go to after you leave the club. If you’re going, check out Szimpla Kert.

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